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Basketweave & Fresh Flowers

Basketweave and Fresh Flowers

I’ve always loved doing the basketweave and with the fresh flowers

it looks so pretty. This design works well for Spring or a Fall wedding.

In the Spring maybe use softer shades of flowers and for the Fall, bright

vibrate colors like these. Whatever you choose it looks lovely.


Fall Colors

Fall Colors

I love the look of the smooth sides but it wasn’t easy to get it that way since

I only use a butter cream frosting. I don’t do fondant covered cakes.

The fresh flowers are a mix of fall colors with a few rose petals.

Sunflowers and Roses

Sunflowers and Roses

This cake fits in two categories, square and round.

I like the idea of the square being at the bottom. It gives the cake a good base to build on and a few extra servings since it is square. The wave design is a simple one and adds texture to the sides of the cake.