Square Wedding Cake for Anna and Thomas

off-set square cakeI have always liked the off-set design of a square wedding cake. Stacking the tiers in this manner gives it a little different look. Having the corners exposed leaves lots of room for flowers or other decorations. This 4 tier yellow butter cake is decorated in Vanilla butter cream with dots and has 3 different butter cream filling, Mocha, Chocolate fudge, and Vanilla.



Christmas Wedding Cake

Christmas Wedding Cake

This square 3 tier (6″-8″-12″) off set cake gives the appearance of being much larger than it really is.  The silver stand gives it height and the corners of the cake are great for flowers. Using pine, magnolia leaves and red berries with just a few red and white flowers gives you that Christmas look. Topped with a fondant bow. A small extra tier for them to save with their cake ornament is placed to the side.


Fall Wedding Cake

Fall Wedding Cake

Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding. It’s cooler and the flowers have such rich colors. I loved doing this cake. We sat it on a beautiful copper tray and surrounded it with fresh mums.I piped scrolls all over, made a fondant monogram & bow, dusted both with gold petal dust. Adding to the beautiful reception (not shown here) fresh pumpkins were used on the tables to hold the flower arrangements. Giving the room a real Fall feel.

Dots and Votive Candles

Votive Candles and Flowers Votive cake #1

This cake was perfect for a late evening reception. If you notice the corners hold votive candles, to be lit when the party began.A fun way to “light up” the cake. Fresh flowers, dots and a piped bead border completed the look.

Votive cake #2  Votive cake #2

After seeing votive cake #1, this bride liked it so much she chose this look for her wedding but chose a swiss dot pattern and darker hued flowers.


Trailing White Orchids

Trailing Orchids

This was a rather large cake, 6″-10″-14″-16″ squares stacked. It looked quite impressive especially with the white orchids trailing down the tiers and placed here and there and on top. Other designs were butter cream piped dots and a bead border.Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla/almond butter cream.

Green Hydrangeas and Dots

Green Hydrangeas

I think I like green flowers on cakes. They have a fresh look about them.

The month I did this cake everyone wanted dots, I could have done them in my sleep. It seemed to be the only design they liked, only the flowers changed and maybe the shape of the cake. A single monogram D tops the cake.


Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

This was a fairly simple cake to do, not to large with stripes, criss-cross & diagonal stripe design. Sizes were 6″-8″-10″ squares.

I placed the tiers in an off-set design instead of stacking them straight up because  of the tier sizes. I like at least a 3″ difference. This allows for decorations, flowers etc. to be placed on the tiers. Having the cake off -set gave me the corners to work with and I liked the way it looks.Fresh yellow roses and petals were used here.


Swiss Dots with Pink Bow

Swiss Dots

The sizes for this cake are 8″-12″-16″. I always thought it looked larger in this photo must be the angle the picture was taken. Each tier is wrapped with pink ribbon and the bow and monogram are fondant. Fresh flowers at the base.