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Square Wedding Cake for Anna and Thomas

off-set square cakeI have always liked the off-set design of a square wedding cake. Stacking the tiers in this manner gives it a little different look. Having the corners exposed leaves lots of room for flowers or other decorations. This 4 tier yellow butter cake is decorated in Vanilla butter cream with dots and has 3 different butter cream filling, Mocha, Chocolate fudge, and Vanilla.



Multi Design Wedding Cake

Parker Wedding CakeIt’s fun to create a wedding cake with different designs. I made a drawing for the bride with lots of ideas and she liked these designs best. On the top I have dots, then a horizontal wavy line, a Cornelia lace design, and at the bottom stripes & dots.  Flavors are a classic yellow butter cake iced in Vanilla butter cream. Fresh roses are added for the topper.

Natures Garden

Natures Garden

As you can tell from the date stamp I did this cake in “05. This brides theme was nature, anything you might see growing in a garden .She wanted orchids and ferns in shades of green.The ferns in many shapes I made of fondant. I used small fresh  orchid blossoms in among the ferns on the tiers and sprays of orchids around the bottom tier. AND if you look closely I also added a fondant “lady bug” on one of the tiers for good luck.


Trailing White Orchids

Trailing Orchids

This was a rather large cake, 6″-10″-14″-16″ squares stacked. It looked quite impressive especially with the white orchids trailing down the tiers and placed here and there and on top. Other designs were butter cream piped dots and a bead border.Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla/almond butter cream.

A “Pez” Bride and Groom

A "Pez" Bride and Groom

Do you remember the “PEZ” containers that had candy in them? I do.

This couple found these and thought they would make a nice topper for their cake. Not sure if they are the REAL thing but I agree, they are cute and different. They also chose the wave and vine design with a red ribbon wrapped around each tier with a few fresh flowers.



When you have a very bold color for your wedding colors it works best to use that color on your cake with flowers or ribbon as I have done here.The ribbon color  here is Sangria. Sometimes icing colors when very deep especially when using butter cream frosting may tend to “bleed” into the surrounding icing making it not so pretty.